Porch Flat
Artikelnummer: PF500-45-00-00

/porch/PF500-45/porch/Porch flat miljo 1

Width (mm)

With its straight look, this porch roof is one of our absolute bestsellers of porch roofs. With a stylish folded metal roof, this looks very exclusive and worked out. The frame consists of a fully welded robust aluminum construction. Thanks to its construction, this porch roof looks more slimmed than those traditionally built in wood. This porch roof is available in three different widths - from four to six meters - and with a depth of 2m. The water drainage takes place through a traditional semi-circular gutter where you choose on which side the water is to be diverted. The ceiling is in white aluminum sheet or you can buy the porch roof without ceiling and assemble wooden panels yourself. LED spotlights are available as an option when you want a brightly lit entrance. Posts are sold separately per piece and are painted white or in printed wood. Cut yourself in the desired length (delivered in three meters length). Note that the six-meter model requires support posts.