Modern Flat
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Width (mm)
Water outlet

Modern Flat is a trendy canopy with flat features. It is held by inclined aluminum studs. The sleek, unobtrusive appearance adds a modern and trendy look.

It is available in nine different colors, all with ceiling in white painted aluminum sheet. Available in three different widths: 1500mm 2000mm and 2430mm.

The unique aluminum construction it is very easy to install.

With our maintenance-free materials, the entrance roof has a long life with minimal maintenance. Give your house through a solid plate work a facelift!


  • Available with GU10 LED spotlights or small LED recessed spotlights.
  • Easy installation of the supplied bracket
  • Built-in opening with drain to the left or right.
  • One of the maintenance-free sheet metal canopies in the market.
  • Crafted by hand.
  • Meets building codes and is CE marked, according to EN1090-3



Brand Designtak Modern Flat
Measurements wxh (mm) 1500x1000 | 2000x1000 | 2430x1000
Depth (mm) 950
Warranty 5 years
Material Metal sheet/Aluminium
Spotlight (optional)

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