Simple Angled
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/simple angled/SA180 SimpleAngled 1.8 Silver Top
/simple angled/SA180 SimpleAngled 1.8 Silver Topdesigntak-miljobild simpleangled bottom finaldesigntak-miljobild simpleangled top finalentretak simpleangled 03entretak simpleangled 04

Width (mm)

Simple Angled is a stylish, classic-looking canopy that is part of our basic range.
Our basic canopies have a simplified construction and are slightly smaller than our standard canopies. The frame is completely made of aluminum and available in the same colors as our standards.
The assembly is very simple, since only the base plate must be removed and thus the attachment remains hidden.

Optionally, small LED recessed spotlights can be installed.

Thanks to the materials used, the canopy has a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements.



  • Built-in opening with drain to the left or right.
  • One of the maintenance-free sheet metal canopies in the market.
  • Crafted by hand.
  • Meets building codes and is CE marked, according to EN1090-3



  • Use a silicone sealant to seal between the top of the canopy and the front of the house.
  • ATTENTION! Aluzinc is sensitive to galvanic corrosion when in contact with precious metals such as copper, lead and stainless steel.
  • Copper-containing rainwater must not drain on the aluzinc plate!



Brand Designtak Simple Angled
Measurements wxh (mm) 1400x410 | 1800x510
Weight 1400mm-13kg | 1800mm-16kg
Depth (mm) 600
Warranty 5 Jahre
Material Metal Sheet/Aluminium
Spotlights (optional)

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